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Paulene is inspired by the urban built environment. Her work highlights the everyday, recognising overlooked beauty in the ordinary.

She works principally with textiles and found objects.

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Drawing and painting are the foundations of my practice. I enjoy the challenge imposed by limiting the subject and try to create images that offer a curious interest.


Sandra focuses on portraits using media to enhance the emotional content of the works.

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My practice is drawing and painting. I am fascinated by the human form and portraiture with the challenge of capturing something of the essence of a person. I also enjoy colourful abstract painting that reflect the forces of nature.


I create colourful geometric abstractions, which tell stories. They are meant to intrigue, challenge, appeal and amuse. Some are episodes from particular lives, others offer a wider perspective.


I am interested in the visual language of patterns.  I use drawings and prints to explore viewers' perceptions.

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